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Once done, you can send this to yourself or if you choose to contact us with the details, an email is automatically generated which records your selected options along with the total. It is mailed to us instantly and we will be in touch within 24 hours to confirm your options and expected delivery date.

Smart Tourism Website - Base Package

Price $2,090 inc GST

The Smart Tourism Website base package is designed as a cost effective option for those that have the time to populate the website themselves. You will be guided by our online help documentation and training videos. If you would like to have the website populated for you then you have the option to include this in the next section.

The Smart Tourism Website includes 16 example pages of preloaded content plus all the following features:
  • Fully customisable design options such as your own header images or patterns, unlimited colour options and flexible font options allowing true brand personalisation
  • Accommodation listing with booking 3rd party integration
  • Tour listing with booking 3rd party integration
  • Packages listing with booking 3rd party integration and Special Offers side bar widget
  • Special deals banner
  • Rotating testimonials
  • Things To Do listings
  • Image Gallery and Video Gallery
  • Professional Blog
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
  • Find Us with Google Map and driving directions
  • Contact Us enquiry form with spam protection
  • Social Media Ready (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and social sharing)
  • Integrated Twitter bar
  • Search Engine Optimisation Wizard
  • Mobile Optimised Website
  • MailChimp newsletter system ready
  • Zopim live chat ready
  • Trip Advisor Ready
  • Local Weather widget ready
  • Google Analytics ready
  • Integrated Google Analytics and Mailchimp reporting to track the performance of your website and email campaigns
  • Google Webmaster Tools ready
  • Automatic broken link checking
  • Redirection of 10 pages of the same domain name
  • 5 email accounts setup using the powerful Google Apps free edition
  • 1hr training or consultation with support staff
  • One year's hosting for free on fast Australian servers after which hosting will be charged at $28 per month
  • Daily backups and security monitoring with alerts
  • Integrated Video Training that automatically updates with each new release of Wordpress
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Would you like to order the Smart Tourism Website Base Package?

- $2090 AUD

- $0 AUD

Help Me Out

Use our professional website population and design services to get your new Smart Tourism website up and running fast.

Populate it for me

Price $2,090 inc GST

If you'd like us to do the heavy lifting then select this option and we'll take your content and populate your website with pixel perfection. This includes up to 29 pages plus 2 videos and 10 photos as per our terms and conditions.

We also set up and configure the following services:
  • Inclusion of GA tracking code (extra for setup)
  • Websmaster tool submission (extra for setup)
  • LiveChat account setup and inclusion
  • MailChimp account setup and creation of one list
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If you need more than 29 pages of content populated then simply dial up the amount of additional pages required below.

Would you like us to populate the website for you?

- $2090 AUD

- $0 AUD

On top of the pages included in the Smart Accommodation Website, are there any additional pages you will need to us to populate? ($93.50 per unit)

- $93.50 AUD per unit

Copywriting Services

$93.50 per page

They say words are the new online currency and that certainly appears to be the case from our experience. Quality copy is responsible for attracting targeted traffic to your site and then engaging with your visitors to convert them into bookings. Our professional web copy writers can write as little as one page through to your entire website. Simply dial up your requirements below.

How many pages would you like us to copywrite?

- $93.50 AUD per unit

Professional Design Options

With so many design and colour choices it's easy to get overwhelmed if you're not a graphic designer. Save yourself the hassle and let our professional graphic designers select the best colour and font combination for your business.

What do you need help with?

- $49.50 AUD

- $49.50 AUD

- $93.50 AUD

- $650 AUD

Add more functionality

There are tens of thousands of plugins which can be used extend your Smart Tourism Website. Chose from the additional features listed below or contact us to discuss you specific requirements.

Interactive Accommodation and Tour Maps

Display all your accommodation listings and tours in one interactive map. Custom icons allows visitors to identify key points of interest. This is a great option if you are a local tourism organisation or have multiple properties or tour locations that you would like to display in one location.

Do you require the interactive map?

- $93.50 AUD

- $0 AUD

Multiple Property Types

If your business needs to support multiple property types such as holiday rentals, permanent rentals, properties for sales etc then active this option which will enable visitors the ability to easily navigate between property types and use smart filtering to quickly find the listing they are looking for. You can also define specific custom fields per property type so this solution will fit your needs and not the other way round.

Do you require multiple property types?

- $495 AUD

- $0 AUD

If you have more than 2 property types, how many additional ones you will need? ($93.50 per unit)

- $93.50 AUD per unit

Shopping Cart

"Have you ever thought about adding an Extra Indulgences page to allow guests or visitors to buy add-on's separately to booking a room or tour? Coupled to your booking system or email marketing software you could send out additional recommendations to customers after they have paid for their booking. These recommendations could include booking a massage, mountain bike hire, regional food platter, flowers, gift certificates etc... there are many ways to creatively use an integrated shopping cart to up sell your customers, especially when you combine this with email reminders closer to the time of their stay or tour.

If your booking system doesn't support selling individual items then WP - e-commerce shopping cart provides a powerful solution to take online payments direct from your website. Read more about the extensive feature set and supported payment gateways such as paypal and eway -

If you decide to purchase our shopping cart you will require to also select the E-commerce addon option below which includes a security (SSL) certificate as well as a dedicated IP to allow your website to securely take credit card payments.

Learn more

Would you like to have an integrated shopping cart?

- $621.50 AUD

- $0 AUD

E-Commerce Website Hosting addon

If you have selected the Shopping Cart you will require to select this E-commerce addon which includes a security (SSL) certificate as well as a dedicated IP to allow your website to securely take credit card payments.

Do you require an SSL certificate?

- $164.40 AUD

- $0 AUD

Website Hosting

We provide FREE hosting for the first year after which hosted is billed annually at $280 per year ($23.33 per month). Hosting includes 1 Gig of storage.

Would you like to use our standard hosting?

- $0 AUD

- $93.50 AUD

Email Setup

"Google Apps for business - Powerful, intuitive applications like Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs can help reduce your IT costs and help employees collaborate more effectively. Includes setting up to 5 emails accounts. The free version supports a maximum of 10 email accounts.

Alternatively we can set-up your email to use your existing email provider."

Would you like us to set-up Google Apps for your email?

- $0 AUD

- $93.50 AUD

Domain Redirects

If you own multiple domain names for the same business these can be redirected with or without email. You have the following choices:

  • Basic domain redirect with no email
  • Domain redirect with an email alias added
  • Domain Redirect and linked Google Apps account
  • Domain redirect with separate Google Apps account

Basic domain redirect with no email

If a visitor types in this domain name they will be redirected to your primary website. They will not be able to send you email using this domain name. We will redirect one of these for free.

How many additional domains do you need redirected? ($16.50 per unit)

- $16.50 AUD per unit

Domain redirect with an email alias

If a visitor types in this domain name they will be redirected to your primary website. Anyone will be able to send you mail using this domain name and you can choose to also reply to them using this domain name. E.g. You can send and receive email using and All email will be processed through one central Google Apps account.

How many additional domains do you need redirected with email aliases? ($49.50 per unit)

- $49.50 AUD per unit

Domain redirect and linked Google Apps account

If a visitor types in this domain name they will be redirected to your primary site. You will have two separate Google Apps accounts independently managed through one linked Google Apps account with dual functionality but only 10 users total. You can then choose to login to two separate Google Apps accounts or pull (POP or IMAP) mail from one account into the other.

How many additional domains do you need redirected with independent email accounts for each domain linked in one Google Apps account? ($93.50 per unit)

- $93.50 AUD per unit

Domain redirect with separate Google Apps account

If a visitor types in this domain name they will be redirected to your primary website. You will have two separate Google Apps accounts (10 users on each) independently managed through separate Google Apps accounts. You can then choose to login to two separate Google Apps accounts or pull (POP or IMAP) mail from one account into the other.

How many additional domains do you need redirected and having separate Google Apps account setup for each domain? ($93.50 per unit)

- $93.50 AUD per unit
Select your domain redirect options

Get me found on Google

Attracting targeted visitors to your website should be a key tactic in your internet marketing strategy. With only 37% of tourism businesses using Search Engine Optimisation that represents a great opportunity for you to outsmart the competition. We strongly recommend you consider using our Keyword research and optimisation services to make sure you are reaching as many targeted visitors as possible. Once the keyword research has been performed we suggest using our Digital Dashboard to monitor your online performance and help identify opportunities for improvement.

Professional Keyword Research

A recent survey by Webmarketing 123 (Sept 2011) of 500 businesses found that in both B2B and B2C companies SEO makes the biggest impact on lead generation. Our professional keyword research provides in-depth business intelligence showing you exactly which keywords represent the best chance to attract profitable visors to your website. We will then use these keywords to set the target phrases to optimise each page of your new Smart Tourism Website.

We recommend identifying a primary and secondary keyword to properly optimise each page of you website

Do you require professional keyword research?

- $385 AUD

- $605 AUD

- $770 AUD

- $0 AUD

Digital Dashboard

Deciding on your keywords and optimising your website is a task all businesses need to complete in their online marketing strategy. Once keywords have been chosen you are essentially setting up a benchmark for your website to reach. The only issue is that without effective tracking you won't be able to find out if your efforts are working, where you are ranking for your selection of keywords, how these rankings translate into actual website visitors and how this is effecting your other online initiatives such as your Google places ranking.

Our Digital Dashboard solves this problems and provides clear real time metrics showing exactly how your website is performing and what you can to do to improve. Get instant visbility on your:
  • Keyword rankings
  • Potential Traffic
  • Actual traffic
  • Ranking changes
  • Optimisation opportunities
  • Essential Google Analytics reports
  • Goals and Conversions
  • Back Links
  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter followers
  • Youtube subscribers and most viewed videos
  • Plus much more in one convenient and powerful Dashboard.

This cost effective tool can make the difference if you're serious about creating an effective digital strategy. (read more)

Learn more

- $118.80 AUD

- $171.60 AUD

- $290.40 AUD

- $0 AUD

Google Analytics Setup

Google Analytics is a must have for any business serious about tracking and improving performance. We will setup your own account and integrate with your Smart Tourism Website including:

  • Creation of Goals
  • Setup of automated report
  • Integration with Google Webmaster tools
If you already have Google Analytics setup with your existing website we will transfer across the tracking code for FREE so you don't lose any of that precious data!

Like to know more - take the product tour

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Would you like us to set-up Google Analytics?

- $0 AUD

- $155.50 AUD

- $0 AUD

Google Webmaster Tools

Often overlooked, Google Webmaster Tools provides you with detailed reports about your pages' visibility on Google.

Get Google's view of your site and diagnose problems - See how Google crawls and indexes your site and learn about specific problems we're having accessing it Receive alerts in your inbox - We'll tell you if we detect that your site has malware or generates errors.

Discover your link and query traffic - View, classify, and download comprehensive data about internal and external links to your site with new link reporting tools. Find out which Google search queries drive traffic to your site, and see exactly how users arrive there.

Share information about your site - Tell us about your pages with Sitemaps: which ones are the most important to you and how often they change. You can also let us know how you would like the URLs we index to appear.

Watch this video to learn more

Learn more

Would you like us to set-up Google Webmaster Tools?

- $0 AUD

- $115.50 AUD

- $0 AUD

SEO Meta Title and Description Copywriting

Professionally written meta title and descriptions incorporating your chosen keywords. Keyword research extra. Price per unit of meta title and description. If this is part of our Smart Tourism Website it includes the population in your Smart Toursim Website directly.

Would you like us to write your Meta titles and descriptions? ($11 per unit)

- $11 AUD per unit

Existing Page Redirects

"An essential part of any website redevelopment is the redirecting your old website pages that have been indexed in search engines such as Google and Bing to your new website. As part of purchasing the Smart Tourism Website we will redirect up to 10 of your existing web pages but we realise some older sites can be much larger. To see how many pages of content are indexed on your website simply type in goggle and look at the total results.

If you're in doubt as to whether you need to purchase additional redirects then please give us a call and we can advise. You also have the option of performing your own page redirects using the redirect feature of the Smart Tourism Website.
Learn more

Would you like to order additional page redirects? ($5.50 per unit)

- $5.50 AUD per unit

Google Places Setup

Literally, put your business on the map. Google Maps! When you list your business on Google Places, you're also getting a Google Maps placement. But best of all - you're getting on the first page of Google in many cases.

Completing your Google Places page for inclusion in Google Maps is just one part of the full strategy to being found online, but it is an important one. Our professional Google Places set-up includes:
  • Your Google Places account set-up with the highest level of professionalism
  • Ensuring all Google rules and guidelines for submission are followed
  • Keyword and keyphrase research to determine what keywords your potential customers are entering in the search results
  • Keyword optimization and uploads of the photos and videos that you provide us
  • Completion of all components that contribute to a complete profile, which results in a higher ranking in Google Maps
See what's included

Would you like us to professionally set-up and optimise your Google Places listing?

- $407 AUD

- $0 AUD

Convert My Visitors Into Customers!

Converting website visitors into customers is critical for most businesses yet it's one of the most overlooked tactics with many small businesses. Selecting a Smart Tourism Website will already put your best foot forward in terms of usability and appeal but there is always more you can do to increase the amount of visitors you are converting into enquiries or bookings.

Zopim Live Chat Automation

Zopim Live Chat allows you to engage in a 1-to-1 with your web site visitors in real-time. Instantly provide live support and proactive sales for your products and services. Reduce booking abandonment by engaging your customers at the point of purchase while increasing customer confidence by letting them know you're there for them.

The Smart Tourism Website can Zopim Live Chat ready but if you would like us to set-up your free account and provide you with a training pack on how to get the most from Zopim live chat automation using the same techniques we use here at UntangleMyWeb then this pack is for you!
Learn more

Would you like the Zopim live Chat set-up and training?

- $115.50 AUD

- $0 AUD

- $0 AUD

Booking System Integration

Let us seamlessly integrate your booking system using an embedded iframe to provide visitors a seamless booking experience. Alternatively we can directly link each room directly to your external booking provider (You also have the ability to link to your booking provider yourself)

Would you like your booking system integrated using an iframe?

- $280.50 AUD

- $0 AUD

Professional HTML Email Template Design

Make a memorable impression for your next email campaign with our professionally designed email templates. Our designs are exquisite, and created with readers in mind.

We guarantee that all of our designs are compatible with most of the top email clients, so you can be confident your campaign will look right to all of its recipients. Email templates are designed to integrate with the main email systems including Mailchimp, Campaign Moniter, IContact or Constant Contact.
  • Custom made graphic header matching your brand
  • Professional HTML coding
  • High quality graphics
  • Professional embedded CSS
  • HTML compatibility with all popular email clients
Learn more

Would you like a professionally designed email template?

- $385 AUD

- $0 AUD

Engage my Audience

You may have heard of this! It’s transforming marketing, for the better most would say. We’ll help you navigate social media with a strategic approach. The importance of developing an engaging, shareable brand increases each day as algorithms evolve (especially Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) and people FAVOUR THE MOST ENGAGING BRANDS”. The Smart Tourism Website is all geared up to connect with your social media accounts provided you have them set-up and ready to go. If not then we have got you covered with our account set-up options

Facebook Page Setup

You probably already know Facebook has 800+ million users and is second only to Google in terms of the most visited website in Australia. Did you also know an average Facebook user has 130 friends?

Just imagine if a Facebook user shared some information about your business to his 130 friends. If each and every one of his 130 friends did the same to their friends, the reach of your business would be enormous. Facebook provides “word of mouth” marketing in its finest form, and this is great news for your businesses whether it’s big or small.
Learn more

- $115.50 AUD

- $0 AUD

Custom Facebook Page

Unlock the power of Facebook with a Custom Facebook Page for your business, custom designed to excite and engage your fans. We have a range of Custom Facebook page options which you can review on our dedicated website - You can select from template options tailored to your business through to full custom design options.

After you have compared the various custom Facebook options you can get started by selecting one the following packages:
  • Professional Page (template option)
  • Social Star (template option with additional features)
  • Promotion Pro (Full custom design)
Learn more

Would you like a Custom Facebook Page?

- $597 AUD

- $797 AUD

- $1297 AUD

- $0 AUD

Youtube Channel

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and the world’s number one video-sharing website where users can upload, share, comment on and view videos. YouTube is an important marketing channel for tourism businesses and can also be a effective tactic to quickly rank high in search engines for competitive keywords.

We will set-up a YouTube channel for your business which includes training document of how to upload your videos.

Would you like a Youtube Channel setup?

- $264 AUD

- $0 AUD

Upload Videos

If you have existing videos we can upload and optimise these videos with keyword rich title and desctiptions

Would you like your video uploaded and optimised?

- $0 AUD

- $0 AUD

Yes, how many videos would you like uploaded and optimised? ($49.50 per unit)

- $49.50 AUD per unit

TripAdvisor Setup

TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel site with More than 45 million consumers use TripAdvisor each month to help them choose hotels and restaurants for their holidays. Nurturing a great online reputation on Trip Advisors makes sound business sense. We have a Trip Advisor widget ready to go within the Smart Tourism Website and can help you get started by setting up a Trip Advisor account for you.

Trip Advisor Setup includes:
  • Set up your listing
  • Upload a photo
  • Copywrite the description
  • Provide an action plan on how to respond to negative reviews and build your positive reviews.
See what's included

Would you like a TripAdvisor listing setup?

- $254.1 AUD

- $0 AUD